Geiszel Godoy: An American Hero

by Christine Beme



Military veteran, CFO, educator, author, mother, and wife -- these are just a few of the countless roles that Geiszel Godoy plays in the lives of those she touches. In honor of Women's History Month, we're commemorating the achievements and legacy that Geiszel is driving in the publishing and entertainment industry everyday!

In August of 2017, Geiszel joined the writing game when she created Mori's Family Adventures with the desire to represent more diverse families in America through cultural storytelling.

Since then, her focus on traditional families and empowering Black female figures has brought her extreme success in the genre.

In her own words: "The family unit is untapped in today's society because everyone wants to entertain either the child or the parent. Why can't we do both and educate them as well?"

A few years later, Geiszel took the next step in her writing career and launched her first YA Manga Series: Ineola. In this story, Geiszel shares the tale of a young Black woman who has trained in the martial arts since she was ten years old.

Interestingly, trouble always seems to come her way and Ineola quickly finds that the normal college life just isn't meant to be.

This isn't a super hero story...this is the story of a strong Black woman (just like our Founder 😉).

As we've grown over the years, Geiszel has been a pillar of strength throughout our entire journey. Our community is incredibly blessed and thankful for the legacy she continues to lead, and Black Sands Entertainment simply wouldn't be where it is today without her. She is truly the hero we all deserve! 

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