Zosma: Lost Children of Andromeda (Hardcover novel)


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Allister Adams is one of the few heroes left in 2052. Natural disasters have ravaged entire regions, inflicting irreparable damage. Humanity's end seems inevitable and all they can do now is buy themselves more time. 

Growing dissent among world powers caused the wealthy few to take matters into their own hands to find a solution. When their efforts fall to ruin, C20 is formed by radical scientist Dr. Rabia Giro, a man hellbent on reshaping humanity.

According to Dr. Giro, they can do more than buy time. He's found an energy source that promises the planet's salvation. Except that energy is tethered to a missing intergalactic refugee from the Andromeda Galaxy. 

Allister searches for this creature, hoping to discover the truth about their power, and his own in the process, only to unleash something powerful enough to be the end of them all. Can time still save humanity? Or have we finally run out?


400 pages, hardcover