We are opening the Black Sands Universe to all our fans. Only our most loyal supporters will get to make content for the brand. Check out some of the roles below. These are only examples. We need a bunch of things for this coming year as we make Black Sands a community project.



WorldAnvil is the platform we will use to organize, expand, and promote the Black Sands Universe collectively. I implore you to watch this entire video to understand the capabilities of the platform.

We have already begun working on it and will be at a point to start taking submission in three weeks! Here is a link to our Universe. Be sure to follow the Universe page and LIKE every article. It helps.



Story Teller

You specialize in making stories. As a contibuting story teller, you will submit stories based exclusively from the source material available on WorldAnvil Universe page. These stories need to be from the perspective of a non-main character. If the main characters of Black Sands do not play a major role in the story, it could be featured on our Universe page with your credentials.


Do you see glaring issues with some of the lore in Black Sands? Do you feel you can flesh out the cultures and history of the Black Sands Universe? This might be perfect for you. This role will allow you to submit actual facts in history that are relevant to the Black Sands Universe. You will be credited for any work posted.

Concept Artist

Read someone's entry in our Universe page and felt inspired? Want to add your own concepts and drawings to page to give them more life? Now you can! If your art is selected for entry, you will be credited for your work and a link will be given to your portfolio.


Do you teach children or african history in general. As Educator contributor will develop quizes, tests, lesson plans, and more from the source material on the Black Sands Universe platform. If you want children to not only be entertained, but also educated, this is your chance to have a base in the strongest black IP in the country.


This is critical information

This offer is exclusive to Active Patrons and Kickstarter Backers only

Patronage or Backer status must be verified to submit in any role.
This is the most expensive and task oriented project Black Sands ever created. There will be a minimum of 10,000 words added monthly from me alone. This needs a financial base to thrive.

All work submitted can be used by Black Sands Entertainment in anyway. You have the right to authorship credit and display in your personal portfolio.

Submit all ideas in the patron community tab. Seek approval before making a massive article.


Make sure to sign up on Patron if you are not a current backer or patron. All applications will be instantly rejected if they are not verifiably a member.